Flower Girls

Do you remember your first wedding as a kid? I do. Mum made me wear an awful "smart" shirt. It itched. It was hot. I was bored. Yep. Bored. Then I saw the groom. He was James Bond. Black Tux, suave, debonair. Yep. No longer bored. I remember watching him all day and night. Mimicking his moves. His style. To this day - the day I get married, I will be wearing a black tux. No doubt. 

Bryn's niece watching Candice getting ready. 

Bryn's niece watching Candice getting ready. 

You see kids are like sponges they absorb so much more that adults. I like to think it's because they don't have all the worries we have, no rent to pay, no bills due. They are free. From my observations, little boys differ greatly from little girls at weddings. Little boys are all over the place, getting messy. The little girls, especially the flower girls just wait and watch. They watch people. They watch the bride. More than you could ever imagine. 

They all have this look once their dresses are on, their hair is done and they are patiently "out of the way" and ready to go. They sit and they watch. While the bride's excitement builds they find themselves lost in the hustle and bustle of bridesmaids, parents, videographers and photographers. 

Do me a favour if your wedding is coming up. Stop and look at your flowergirl. Give her hand a squeeze, a smile. To her you're a princess.