2017 at The Holdens!

We have some HUGE changes happening next year in our business. It's exciting and a little scary. 

We had a team meeting and took stock of what we did well and what we didn't do so well in 2016. It's always intense and hard to look at your business objectively and say "We can do better."

Massive changes in 2017. 

1. We are no longer booking weddings in Jan, Feb, June & July. 

2. All album design and production will take place in June & July. 

3. We are working part time next year which means a max booking of 22 weddings. 

4. All our delivery is via our online platform only. 

5. Our lead time for wedding production with increase from 8 weeks to 10 weeks. 

6. Album production will decrease to 4 weeks. 

7. We have two new assistants Rebecca & Kate :) 

8. We are relocating!! Going mobile and simplifying our workflow. 

9. Our first workshop will be in March 2017!!! 

10. Our business hours daily will be between 1 - 6 pm. 

All these changes are effective as of Jan 1 2017. 

Thank you !!!! :) 

- The Holdens