2017 at The Holdens!

We have some HUGE changes happening next year in our business. It's exciting and a little scary. 

We had a team meeting and took stock of what we did well and what we didn't do so well in 2016. It's always intense and hard to look at your business objectively and say "We can do better."

Massive changes in 2017. 

1. We are no longer booking weddings in Jan, Feb, June & July. 

2. All album design and production will take place in June & July. 

3. We are working part time next year which means a max booking of 22 weddings. 

4. All our delivery is via our online platform only. 

5. Our lead time for wedding production with increase from 8 weeks to 10 weeks. 

6. Album production will decrease to 4 weeks. 

7. We have two new assistants Rebecca & Kate :) 

8. We are relocating!! Going mobile and simplifying our workflow. 

9. Our first workshop will be in March 2017!!! 

10. Our business hours daily will be between 1 - 6 pm. 

All these changes are effective as of Jan 1 2017. 

Thank you !!!! :) 

- The Holdens 


"Formerly, Stuart Holden - Wedding Photographer, The Holdens was a rebranding idea that came to life over the dinner table. As usual it was chaos with the sounds of laughter filling our house. It was then that I knew where the direction of our business would be taking us in the next five years. Everything we do is family, no man is an island and it takes a village to raise a child. These aspects continue to drive our business as a family unit. We believe that family businesses are the backbone of our beautiful country and a heritage that our grandparents imparted onto us before they passed. So we dedicate this rebranding to you, our future clients, in the hopes that we will get to know you and your family and share ours with you. Welcome to our family." - Stuart Holden, The Holdens. 

We are growing with new family members being added to the team. NOTHING WILL CHANGE for our clients apart from our name and some slight colour tweaking that Stuart has custom made for our clients only. Every image still passes through Stuart and nothing is outsourced! We are super excited for this next chapter! We hope that you are too! 

- Love, The Holdens. 

No More USB Delivery! Why We Are Going Digital.

It's 2016. Our business is changing to meet the needs of our clients and families for the better! 

Well, just like the way of the mini disc player and the local Video Ezy or Blockbuster stores, the USB is becoming an obsolete technology. Woahhhh Stu! We still use USB's everyday I hear you say. It's true. In some ways portable drives are still part of everyday life. But for us, a busy studio. Data is precious. All the images we collect are precious data that we just can't take chances with. At every step of the way we have redundancy protocols in place in order to protect our data right up until we deliver images to our clients. 

Recently we decided to take on a better work life balance. To work smarter and not harder. For the benefit of us and our clients. 

There are so many reasons why we decided to move to digital delivery - mostly the safety of our clients' images and the unreliability of our postal delivery services.  We are pedantic about each image, the way our grandfather was about every bit of woodwork he did in his workshop. We craft a story carefully with each image edited for weight and worth. 

We want to be able to get our clients their images FAST and also give them the option of the safety of cloud storage and the ability to share their images with family and friends rather than making copies of USB's and screenshotting images to send to relatives. 

Our new delivery system makes it easier to deliver images to our clients, they get to download them on computer or mobile, share the wedding via social media or email and allowing relatives to get secure access to the entire wedding to download print resolution images. That's right! No more sending emails to Aunt Mabel for her to print an image for the mantelpiece. 

An example of how our clients will receive their images on laptops and tablets. 

An example of how our clients will receive their images on laptops and tablets. 

Choosing images for your album? Finding it hard? Just click the favourite hearts of each image and we can put it together for you!  Relatives overseas? Send them the link to your wedding.

What our delivery system looks like on mobile. 

What our delivery system looks like on mobile. 


Also our amazing wholesale print lab is available to our clients and their families direct. No more time wasting! 

We are so excited about this new adventure and look forward to sending all our new clients their images via this new amazing platform :) 

- S. 

Ty & Alyce

Please Note : We value our client's privacy above all so we always only post a small snippet of their day for public viewing.


Flower Girls

Do you remember your first wedding as a kid? I do. Mum made me wear an awful "smart" shirt. It itched. It was hot. I was bored. Yep. Bored. Then I saw the groom. He was James Bond. Black Tux, suave, debonair. Yep. No longer bored. I remember watching him all day and night. Mimicking his moves. His style. To this day - the day I get married, I will be wearing a black tux. No doubt. 

Bryn's niece watching Candice getting ready. 

Bryn's niece watching Candice getting ready. 

You see kids are like sponges they absorb so much more that adults. I like to think it's because they don't have all the worries we have, no rent to pay, no bills due. They are free. From my observations, little boys differ greatly from little girls at weddings. Little boys are all over the place, getting messy. The little girls, especially the flower girls just wait and watch. They watch people. They watch the bride. More than you could ever imagine. 

They all have this look once their dresses are on, their hair is done and they are patiently "out of the way" and ready to go. They sit and they watch. While the bride's excitement builds they find themselves lost in the hustle and bustle of bridesmaids, parents, videographers and photographers. 

Do me a favour if your wedding is coming up. Stop and look at your flowergirl. Give her hand a squeeze, a smile. To her you're a princess. 

Jessica & Micke - Engagement Session

A preview of their beautiful sunset engagement twilight sailing session. Both are very experienced sailors with Jessica being an Olympic sailor and Micke being a coach for the Danish team. A match made in heaven! 


Who Should You Invite To Your Wedding? An Easy Solution.

Now I have to mention this flowchart. I DID NOT make it. I've searched high and low for someone to credit but to no avail. I had to share it though. Soooo many of our clients struggle with this process. This flowchart makes it super simple! Sorry about the credit - if you know who made it please let me know so I can back link to them! - S. 


Welcome to our NEW website and branding for 2016!!! 

We are so excited and have to thank our friends at Bittersweet Design for all the help. You guys are amazing. 

- S.